Duck Breast with Cranberry and Dried Cherry Chutney


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Duck Breast with Cranberry and Dried Cherry Chutney

By Sportman's Table Chef Published: July 26, 2013

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 10 mins

This recipe is from our featured cookbook "Gourmet Gone Wild" by Lorelie Scorzafava. (Sportsman's Table Item Number SPB21)



  1. For the chuntey: Heat oil in a heavy, medium-sized pan, saute shallot, ginger, and garlic over low heat until shallot is tender. Add cranberries, cherries, and vermouth, and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until cranberries pop and cherries soften-3-5 min. Stir in honey, lemon juice, orange juice, zest and pepper flakes if desired. Heat thoroughly; add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. For the duck: Use a very sharp knife to score the skin down to the flesh. In a small bowl, mix together the spices. Rub the mixture into both sides of the duck breast. Heat oil in a heavy skillet (cast iron if you have one) over medium heat. Add the duck breast, skin-side down, and cook until the flesh is firm to the touch, 3-5 min. Duck should be cooked to the medium-rare stage; add more time if you want it well-done, or put the duck in a 300-degree oven to keep it warm, where it will continue to cook a bit. Using a sharp knife, slice the duck 1/8 in. thick, and arrange the slices on a platter. Reheat chutney, if necessary, and serve on the side.


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