Baked Haddock with Feisty Fish Rub

Baked Haddock Feisty Fish Fillets

Baked Haddock Feisty Fish Fillets is a delicious, fast, easy, AND healthy recipe.  All the things we want in a quick meal. We used Sportsman’s Table’s Awesome Antler Rub (Sportsman’s Table Item #MG104) on the sliced, baked potatoes in this photo. Drizzle olive oil in a small bowl and Awesome Antler Rub stir thoroughly, add […]

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Venison Chili Recipe using chili seasoning mix

Venison Chili Recipe

This Venison Chili Recipe is quick, easy, and delicious. The packet of Chili Spice Seasoning Mix from truly makes it quick, easy, and delicious.  Not to mention, how it warms the soul on a cold winter night!!  Makes one feel blessed to be part of a hunting family. Share This:

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Teriyaki Jerky Recipe

This Teriyaki Jerky Recipe is a terrific variation of one of our products, Teriyaki Jerky seasoning Kit, Item # CY2448. Any of  Sportsman’s Tables Jerky Kits are great “bases”. Sometimes, as many cooks know, a great base is the final recipe. Other days, you feel creative and want to experiment with variations of the base […]

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Feisty Catfish Cake Recipe

Feisty Catfish Cakes Recipe

Thank you to Sally K. from Newbury OH for sharing your Feisty Catfish Cakes recipe with us. The feisty fish rub is great on not only all kinds of fish but many other foods as well.  One of our favorites is feisty fish french fries! Share This:

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Smoked Goose Breast with Fine Wine Jelly

Baked Goose with Merlot Glaze

Baked Goose with Merlot Glaze is an amazing discovery. Once you have it, you will not want to entertain without serving these tasty, classy finger food picker uppers. Thank you Mark Wolfskill from Pheasant Valley Farm, Robesonia, PA for sharing your goose breast recipe with us.  Check out Mark’s bird farm, bird hunting, dog training […]

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Red Dog Duck Recipe

Red Dog Duck Recipe is a great ending to a fun day out waterfowling! With a good dog and some luck, you can enjoy this as much as we did. Red dog duck recipe is easy to make in the crock pot so it is perfect after a long day on the river. Red Dog […]

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Baked Summer Squash

Baked summer squash is one of those extremely health but yet tastes great dishes that you can hardly believe you have found! Combine that with a discovery of a great new spice blend, Brown Dog Riba Riba Rub and you are in culinary heaven. Share This:

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Breaded Pheasant Strips/Fingers

Thank you Mark Wolfskill from Pheasant Valley Farm in Robesonia, PA  for sharing your recipe with  Check our Mark’s bird farm and guiding operation at  A key ingredient for this Breaded Pheasant Strips/Fingers is our Fish and Wild Game breading which can be found here. Share This:

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Saturday, July 21st, 2018

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